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UiB - Department of Biology and Bergen Museum at the University of Bergen

Botany within Department of Biology and Bergen Museum is a cornerstone on cultural landscape research with its background in plant geography, pollen analysis and both present day and past ecology. The Cultural Landscape Research Group (CULTLARGE) is part of The Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group (EECRG) and is active in research, international collaboration and publishing.

UiB is responsible for the Marie Curie Training Sites (MCTS) CULTLAND (EVK2-CT-2000-57128) which is working on Cultural Landscapes, Remote Sensing and GIS in close collaboration with the Heathland Management Centre at Lygra (awarded the UNESCO Melina Mercouri international prize for the safeguarding and management of cultural landscape 2001). Attached to the Department of Botany are infrastructures and competence centre: the UoB Botanical Garden, The Norwegian Arboretum and The Heathland Centre at Lygra.

Selected projects

  • HEATHCULT and RAPHAEL (EU-programs). Cultural landscape development in Semi-desert Sudan.
  • ARSGISIP: Applied Remote Sensing and GIS Integration for Model Parameterization coord. (EU-project) Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena, Institute for Geography, Department of Geoinformatics, Germany.
  • NAS Norwegian Arcadia Survey, Greece Participant in the Scandinavian-Sicilian Archaeological Project (SSAP).

Part in PAN

UiB is the initiator and coordinator of PAN thematic network. Furthermore is UiB responsible for the WP 1 on Coordination and WP 7 on Strategic research planning and dissemination, and have a shared responsibility with Alterra on WP 2 on description, definition and classification of CLE. UiB is host institution for the fourth PAN workshop in Bergen, Norway, September 2004.

Participants in PAN

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