PAN - Workshops

Base Tools of the Project

Workshops are the main tool of the project. The work packages (WP) will lay the basis for each workshop in addition to a final workshop on dissemination. Workshops will be arranged twice a year throughout the project period. The workshops will be hosted by the local partner and also includes an excursion to the selected CL and CLE.

A typical workshop will last for 3 days, including the following sections:

Section 1
  • 1: Introduction to main theme
  • 2: Specialist lecture(s) concerning the main theme
  • 3: Presentation of the theme as seen in selected CL & CLEs
  • 4: Work groups and plenum discussion
Section 2
  • 1: Similarities/dissimilarities among and within European ecosystems
  • a. Spatially/b.Temporally
  • 2: Methodological approaches - past, present vs. future
  • 3: Methodological focus, special lecture
  • 4: Common theories
  • 5: Gaps in our knowledge
  • 6: Recommendations for future research
Section 3
  • Excursion to the CLE of the hosting partner
Section 4
  • Preparation and planning for the next workshop

The methodological aspects of the workshop will be twofold: a) present and discuss the current theme in a cross-disciplinary and cross-CL/CLE mode, and b) focus on one or two disciplines and how they in general have contributed, or have the potential to contribute, to Cultural Landscape and Cultural Landscape Ecosystem research.

Disclaimer - Last update: 14 Oct 2006