5th PAN Workshop

Large Scale sustainable development of the diverse Cultural Landscape Ecosystems

Palaeobotany and archaeology have shown that the Cultural Landscapes of Europe have been used in a sustainable manner for millennia. They constitute a common cultural heritage of Europe. In spite of this, Cultural landscapes and their Ecosystems are at present threatened, changed or lost, e.g. nearly 90% of what was heathlands 150 years ago has disappeared today. Due to lack of knowledge and a misunderstanding of what is true nature conservation, many historical monuments, which a century ago lay in open landscape, are today covered by woodland and forest.
Sustainable management of what is left of European Cultural Landscapes has to be based on the ecology of traditional management techniques. It requires a thorough knowledge of the CLEs, their formation and reproduction and the natural and anthropogenic pressures

On the basis of WP 2-5, the network will put forward recommendations for large-scale sustainable development of diverse Cultural Landscapes of Europe and develop criteria at the landscape level to assess the role and function of landscape-management for the protection/conservation of important European CLEs.

5th Worskhop: Responsible Partners

BOKU - Institute of Ecology and Conservation Biology, Dept. of Conservation Biology, Vegetation- & Landscape Ecology, University of Vienna in cooperation with the Institute for Landscape Architecture and Landscape Management (IFL) University of Agricultural Sciences Vienna and European Forum on Nature Conservation & Pastoralism (IECB & EFNCP)

5th Worskhop: Work Tasks

WT 1: Present conservation and management strategies – success, failures, problems and challenges

WT 2: Sustainable land use concepts

WT 3: Identify criteria for sustainable development/management strategies

WT 4: Restoration of Cultural Landscapes – possibilities and priorities

WT 5: Protection and Conservation of biodiversity

WT 6: Methodological approaches – past and present versus future

6.1 Across and within disciplines

6.2 Spatial modelling of landscape evolution, and CL change; Analysis, prediction and evaluation

WT 7: Common theories

WT 8: Identify “lack of knowledge”

WT 9: Recommendations for future research


D 6.1 Workshop, and excursion to Central alpine pastures and hay meadows (puszta) agricultural land.

D 6.2 Publication on state of knowledge on Large Scale sustainable development of the diverse CLEs of Europe, including common theories and recommendations for future research and for management strategies and development.


M 6.1 Workshop and excursion

M 6.2 Report/publication


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