6th PAN Workshop

Strategic research planning and dissemination of Cultural Landscape Ecosystems

One of the most important tasks in the network is to disseminate the results to the scientific community, to students, to politicians and to the public. PAN aims to increase knowledge and awareness and set criteria for decisions and planning. Thus improving European biological and landscape diversity.

Dissemination will be done through e-technology and printed publications. An important tool is the online project homepage (http://pan.cultland.org/) which enables PAN to reach a wide range of people at low cost and relative ease. In addition to the project information as described above, the information on the web page will include results from the workshops, i.e. common theories, recommendations and strategic research documents. The website will also include a discussion forum to ease the communication within the network. Each member can create new threads of discussion within this forum or reply to messages posted by others. At the discretion of the forum administrators some threads will be made public for the benefit of interested party. Threads can be organised in thematic or organisational groups. An important part of the website will be the generation and establishment of an online database (CULTBASE), which will include information on the specific Cultural Landscapes - and their ecosystems - that the network has focused on, as well as the gaps in present knowledge. An interactive and self-generating character will secure its continuation after the network-founding period has ended, and will require only minimum effort by the responsible institution.

6th Worskhop: Responsible Partners

University of Bergen, Department of Biology (UiB)
Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit, Department of Botany, NUI, Galway (NUIG)

6th Worskhop: Work Tasks

WT 1: Establish online homepage

WT 2: Establish online database, CULTBASE

WT 3: Dissemination of information and results to academic, politic and public sector

WT 4: Strategies for panEuropean trans-national research actions

4.1 Based on the gaps in current knowledge pinpointed at previous workshops
a strategic research document on Cultural Landscapes and their ecosystems will be made

WT 5: Measures to effectively present the results of scientific investigations to the general public

WT 6: Last touch on the final products


D 7.1 Online Homepage.

D 7.2 Internet Database on Cultural Landscapes and their ecosystems (CULTBASE).

D 7.3 Workshop, and excursion to Western heathland and bogs.

D 7.4 Extraction of strategic information on Cultural Landscapes and their ecosystems to local and national authorises.

D 7.5 Report in the form of a publication ready document.


M 7.1 Established online Homepage

M 7.2 Functional Internet Database on Cultural Landscapes and their ecosystems - (CULTBASE)

M 7.3 Workshop and excursion

M 7.4 Strategic research document on Cultural Landscapes and their ecosystems

M 7.5 Scientific papers

M 7.6 Reports to national authorities

M 7.6 Final project report to the EC

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