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Welcome to Cultbase
Database on Cultural Landscapes and Cultural Landscape Ecosystems in Europe
CULTBASE is a result of the PAN European Thematic Network on Cultural Landscapes and their Ecosystems. A Thematic Network financed by the European Commission from November 2002 to October 2005.
For more information about PAN: look at the website: http://pan.cultland.org.

The database includes information on the specific cultural landscapes and their ecosystems that have been focused during the PAN project.  CULTBASE is therefore not a representative database with information on all cultural landscapes present in Europe.

The aim of CULTBASE is to be a source of information for students, researchers, planners, policy makers, NGOs as well as the interested public.

CULTBASE is open to scientists, officials, organisations and others to register data on other cultural landscapes. Please contact webmaster@cultland.org
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The Cultural Landscapes in Cultbase are organized in the following categories:

You find these entries on the menu on the left hand side.
You can also search for a specific name or expression in the search menu (this feature in under development).
terraces with olive trees and crop system, Portugal